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PECM Technology

Pulsed Electro-Mechanical Maching:

Empowering your Production Future

Electrochemical machining technology is a touchless procedure that can create large volumes of precision parts quickly, cost-effectively and with high repeatability. 

This allows you to position yourself as a premium supply-chain partner with confidence and an exceptinonal quality claim.

The perspectives for innovative, quality-focused industrial production operations are immense: cut costs while exponentially improving precision in series, supplying your customer with a proven supply-chain solution - both at first tier and component supplier level.


The Answer to
Your Challenges

Building cutting edge machines and understanding your challenges in production is our business. So, if

  1. you have materials that are exceptionally difficult to machine...

  2. you are required to deliver complex geometries...

  3. you are expected to reliably produce extreme surface quality...

Then we have the solution for you with the technology and expertise to answer those challenges. The bottom line for you:

  • short machining times

  • no reworking

  • cost-saving efficiency

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Technical Benefits

  • No recast layer

  • No heat-affected areas

  • No burrs

  • No tool wear

  • Capable of machining thin walls and microstructures

  • Capable of machining 3D shapes in a single production step

  • Exceptional surface precision and quality

  • Cost-effective series production


Don't Deburr it - PECM it!



Schematic view of Pulsed Electrochemical Machining

Pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM) is a non-contact machining process based on the principles of electrolysis. The machining operation involves a tool (the cathode) in the inverse shape of the desired workpiece (the anode).

As the tool moves towards the workpiece surface, it machines the workpiece into the complementary shape of the tool. This occurs as a pulsed DC current is applied, allowing for high precision and superior surface quality. At the same time, an electrolyte is pumped between the cathode and anode at high speed, removing dissolved metal and heat. 

The result is an operation capable of producing a burr-free 3D shape with no tool wear in alloys that are difficult or impossible to machine through traditional methods.


PECM in Five Steps


PECM: The Formula for Precision in Series


Leistritz PECM Machines

Proven reliability

PECM machines are developed and supplied to the discerning investor and quality improver. Consult our product sections to obtain the latest technical data.

You are also welcome to consult us on specific specifications or demands. Our experienced production engineers will support you in designing the best solution for your production line.



Your Trusted Partner for Equipment and Expertise


Harald Brand

Leistritz Turbine Technology
Nuremberg, Germany

"The electrochemical process is one of the highlights of our operation. In two years of tough, everyday industrial conditions, we are proud of and can vouch for a track record of reliability and series quality I have seldom experienced in 25 years of experience."


Leistritz Production Technology, Pleystein, Germany

The equipment we use for that is developed and built ourselves; you cannot buy it on the market. It’s a very special thing.

Together, we have around 420 years of experience and 280.000 hours of smooth PECM operating hours to our record. Quite a track record, when you think of it. 


Georg Schmidt

Leistritz Turbine Technology, Nuremberg, Germany

"PECM is a fascinating technology that opens up so many technical options you would normally consider impossible. The precision in microdimensions, the microscopic smoothness of surfaces achieved are astonishing. I never cease to be fascinated by the possibilities."


The Offering

Your Investment Opportunity in Tomorrow's Production Technology

industry machine close up


Consult us on ways to make what was previously impossible, possible.

We have production technologies in place that allow us to use materials in a geometry that, by other common production methods, is very difficult and almost impossible to get.


Investment opportunity for PECM machines optimised for your production facilities.

This technology is ideal for clients all over the world, who need much better quality than possible with existing equipment.


Benefit from our Precision Manufacturing Expertise

Pulsed electrochemical Machining PECM

for greater flexibility, more precision, stable quality and cost-effectiveness in your production lines

We are now working with handling robots that can go through the whole process, from measuring equipment to putting parts into the machines. Automation is an ongoing process and we offer it as a service for process and quality optimisation. 


Don't deburr it - PECM it!


Fields of Industrial Application

Precision Machining Solutions

Giving you a scope of possible applications in industrial production. Consult us in case your specific requirements are not reflected here. We are happy to provide engineering feedback to your specifications.

Metal Drills

Precision Machining

Precision tools and components for high-tech mechanical products in a wide range of industries...

Medical, Laboratory and Research

Production for products with exceptional specifications on surface quality, homogeneity, smoothness, hygienic standards, precision...

Mikroskop im Labor

Microsizing Innovation

PECM may be an option when small components have huge specifications in terms of durability, precision, geometries and producability...


Our Services

24 h Emergency Service

Emergency assistance in case of line downtimes within 24 h.


Support for your Production Processes by email, telephone or on site

Online Support

Tech Chat, Videocall and Help Desk available to your operators.


Experienced engineers and technicians support you during the ramp-up phase


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